What is Gradual Media?

Gradual Media

Growth happens in a lot of different ways (personally, intellectually, financially, physically, and mentally). However, it does not happen overnight nor will it ever. It happens gradually and Gradual Media is dedicated to creating content and building a community that helps foster this growth. 

  • ursmrter — is our Youtube channel where we create video essays covering many different topics related to learning, strategy, happiness, science, pop-culture, literature, emotions, and much more. Think if Kurzgesagt, The School of Life, The Nerdwriter, Pursuit of Wonder, and Vox had a baby, that’s what I’m trying to create with ursmrter. If you have no idea who or what any of those names are, good! Not really. They’re technically the competition, but they’re also some of the best video essay Youtube channels out there.

  • Success Rewind — a podcast that walks listeners through the stories behind how successful people became successful, advice for others seeking success, and what success means to them.

  • Startup Plog: My Startup Journey — a podcast in blog format (plog) where I document my startup journey building Gradual Media as a first-time founder.

  • Reading with Intellects — a monthly podcast where an intellectual and I discuss takeaways, likes/dislikes, ratings, and much more after reading a book. The book will be shared a month prior to the release of each episode! It’s like a virtual book club. If you like books and want to understand and remember what you just read, then this is the show for you.


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